There is no one better to service your transformer than the original manufacturer. We offer various services for your transformers which are supposed to be done religiously to get the required life from your product. We offer the following on transformer services:


  •  Transformer condition assessment reports.
  •  Transformer tribology tests and results.
  •  Transformer oil analysis.
  •  Transformer ratio tests (on – site and off – site) and results.
  •  Transformer Oil filtration, re – generation and purification.
  •  Changing of seals on bushings and tap – switches.
  •  Changing of gaskets.
  •  Buccholz relay servicing.

For control circuits in electronics and instrumentation we manufacture control transformers which are suitable to supply your small voltages and currents.All our transformers are manufactured to meet local and international standards.


The best company to repair your transformer is the company that manufacture transformers. We are proud to say that we have the infrastructure, tools and expertise to repair your transformers of different sizes and voltages. We offer the following on transformer repairs:


  •  Transformer full rewinds.
  •  Transformer active part assembly.
  •  Connections.
  •  Transformer active part vanishing and oven drying.
  •  Changing of seals on bushings and tap – switches.
  •  Changing of gaskets.
  •  Buccholz relay servicing or replacement.
  •  Transformer thermometer replacement.
  • Replacement of broken bushings.
  •  Refurbishment of tanks.
  •  Transformer ratio tests.
  •  Transformer flash tests.

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